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Completely useless and unrealistic

Over the past few months, I have been reading alot of puppy books.
Some of them are completely useless and unrealistic.
Like ‘how to toilet train your puppy in 7 days’
News just in.
There is no way, that will happen.
Depends on breed, age of puppy and routine used by owner.
The puppy is bound to have an accident because that’s life.
Shit happens.
So what’s all this reading for, I hear you ask.
well,  I am planning to start writing my own puppy book.
Obviously the more I read, the better I will be able to help my clients.
The one book that has stood out is my very own  business mentor himself.
Mr Dominic Hodgson’s  new book ‘The perfect Puppy Project’.
‘Hodgie’ or the ‘Swearasaurs’ as I call him.
This book is his fourth book and personally I think it is his  best one yet.
It’s simple, easy to read and actionable steps that will work.
It’s also very funny and this makes it very different from other puppy books that I have read.
Here’s my review:
This is the second book from Dom’s street smart series that I have read.
There are so many puppy books out there, full of useless information might as well use them as toilet paper.
Dom’s ‘Perfect puppy project’ is not like the other puppy books. It’s easy to read and funny. First time puppy owners will be able to read this book and then straight away follow the steps to a perfect puppy. I will be getting a puppy in a few week. This will be my bible. I will be following the routine suggested by Dom.
Great tips for puppy biting which I know every puppy owner struggles with.
There’s chapter on trick training which I will be implementing in my puppy visits.
Can’t wait to give a copy to my puppy clients! Thanks Dom, Another cracker of a book!’

You can get a copy in print and kindle version on amazon. Audible version will be coming soon
The principles in this book, is pretty much what I follow with my own clients.
So if you know anyone thinking of  getting a puppy or has a puppy already? Then please do point them to this book and my very own puppy academy visits.
Here’s a  lovely review from one of my clients Nahla’s owner about my puppy visits.
When she sent this to me I got quite emotional.

I liked Harriet as soon as I met her. You could instantly tell how much she loves animals and Nahla loved her very first visit. Harriet is reliable, trustworthy and most importantly, she makes you feel like your pet is the most important in the whole world! I wouldn’t have anyone else care for Nahla. So happy that we found Harriet.’ 


Natter soon

Harriet x


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