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I help pet gundog owners transform their rebellious, teenage pet gundog to a calm and confident gundog in simple and practical steps.

Has your cute and well behaved puppy turned into a rebellious troublemaker?

Is he being really naughty and started ignoring you?

Has your teen became an embarrassment and you are scared what he will do next ?

It’s very easy to get overwhelmed when you have a large teenage dog who seems to have forgotten everything he has ever learned as a puppy.

But with the right guidance and support, things can become a lot easier.

The problem will not get better on it’s own, if anything it will get worse.

You need my taming teenage training services.

How I can help?

Do you dread the firework season and fed up of watching your beloved gundog in a nervous quivering wreck?

Do you wish you knew how to calm and comfort your dog?

Unfortunately, we can’t stop people setting off fireworks, and your dog will continue to be scared if you do nothing so why get the help you need NOW and sign up below for my ‘ How to stop your pet gundog being scared of fireworks’ free webinar. As soon as it lands in your inbox, watch it and implement then you can start to enjoy relaxed, autumn evenings with you dog again.

Do you know I am an Author of the ‘Teenage Pet Gundog Series’?

Get your hands on my ‘Teenage Pet Gundog Firework Survival Guide’

What the Pawtastic Parents think of my Gundog Training

Harriet is great – very skilled and knowledgable – and also very understanding – able to tailor her advice to my circumstances and help massively with our puppy’s recall – highly recommended”    Stephanie Daley and Nancy

Totally recommend Harriet! She did a session with our teenager a week ago and we are noticing improvement already     Eric Horrell & Terri Townsley & Max

“Harriet came and observed the dogs. She asked questions and then suggested reasons for the various behaviours they were exhibiting. She accompanied me on a walk with both dogs, in turn and taught how to stop their pulling. They reacted immediately.  We have 2 more sessions booked; and after the first we got a written plan” Louise, Max and Scout Charlesworth

If you are struggling and feeling frustrated, get in touch with the ‘Teenage Pet Gundog Specialist’, please fill out a contact form below.

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