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Do you feel guilty for leaving your gundog at home while you are at work?

Do you have a bored gundog that is a serial chewer?

Do you wonder what he will destroy next?

Do you wish you could find someone to trust and care for you family dog so you can relax at work?

 I know how hard it can be, trusting someone with your baby.

Of course, I mean your dog. You may have had a bad experience with another pet professional or maybe you haven’t popped your cherry yet when it comes to finding a dog walker.

I understand how scary it is and you don’t want just anyone.

Trust doesn’t happen overnight.

Here’s what Jenny thought about my service.

It’s not only you that I need to win trust

I get a big kick out of watching nervous dogs start to trust me.

Believe me, I have walked a few in my time.

The bond, I get with them is highly rewarding.

If you want to get to know me better before we meet.

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I am no cheapasaurs. I am expensive, specialist in my field.

I am not like the other dog walkers.

You need to fill in application form or book a call with me to get on board.

I only walk with dogs on one to one basis, so you won’t see your dog messing around with other dogs on my watch.

 I am not a big fan of dogs being transported in cages. I prefer a dog harness and the dogs seem to enjoy it too.

For me, it’s all about your dog. 

 Sound good?

Is your gundog ready for an adventure?

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Laura booked a 15 minute discovery call, this is what she thought, ‘It was a great call. It made meeting Harriet less awkward. Massive time saver. She took me through the process, asked me if I had looked at the website and knew her prices. Very convenient, as I was able to have the call at work. Informative and honest.’

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