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I help pet gundog owners transform their rebellious, teenage pet gundog to a calm and confident gundog in simple and practical steps.

Has your cute and well behaved puppy turned into a rebellious troublemaker?

Is he being really naughty and started ignoring you?

Has your teen became an embarrassment and you are scared what he will do next ?

It’s very easy to get overwhelmed when you have a large teenage dog who seems to have forgotten everything he has ever learned as a puppy.

But with the right guidance and support, things can become a lot easier.

You need my 1-2-1 teenage training packages.

If you live locally to Croydon or Beckenham. I can meet you in person (subject to Covid-19 guidelines) or if you live further away, then I can offer a video consult via Zoom.

To get in contact with the Teenage Pet Gundog Specialist then please fill out a contact form below.

Are you dreading leaving your dog home alone after lockdown?

Are you worried your dog will freak out when you open your door to leave?

Are you concerned that your dog will be destructive and noisy?

I am not looking forward to leave my dog home alone either when life does go back to normal but we have to.

But it doesn’t need to be hard, not when we have a clear plan.

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Do you feel guilty about leaving your gundog at home while you are at work?

Do you wish you could find someone to trust and care for you family dog so you can relax at work?

 I know how hard it can be, trusting someone with your baby.

Of course, I mean your dog. You may have had a bad experience with another pet professional or maybe you haven’t popped your cherry yet when it comes to finding a pet professional.

I understand how scary it is and you don’t want just anyone.

Trust doesn’t happen overnight.

If you have a pet gundog that is a serial chewer.

If you would like to go to work knowing that your favourite slippers are still intact?

Then book your destructive gundog onto my ‘give your pet gundog a job’ adventures.

I am currently receiving applications for September 2020.

I only walk dogs on one to one basis, so you won’t see your dog messing around with other dogs at the park on my watch.

 I am not a big fan of dogs being transported in cages. I prefer dog seat belt clipped to a dog harness and the dogs seem to enjoy it too.

For me, it’s all about your dog. 

 Sound good?

Is your gundog ready to get on board?

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