1-2-1 Teenage Training Packages

Has your cute and well behaved puppy turned into a rebellious troublemaker?

Is he being really naughty and started ignoring you?

Has you teen became an embarrassment and you are scared what he will do next?

Have you thought about rehoming your dog because you are worried that you can’t cope with your dog’s behaviour?

It’s very easy to get overwhelmed when you have a large teenage dog who seems to have forgotten everything he has ever learned as a puppy.

Things can get so bad and out of control. Owners are left with the heartbreaking decision to rehome their dog, as 7 – 9 months old is a common age for dogs to get rehomed and this is the age when behaviour becomes more challenging. The teenage stage is usually between 6-18 months old in a gundog.

Most of the time it’s not the owners fault, they have had the wrong advice and just not aware of how difficult this teenage stage is.

But with the right guidance and support, things can become alot easier.

I have been there, Finn my dog was a nightmare in his teens. He stopped listening, always jumping up and his recall was non-existent.

But then I found a system that worked for us and my clients.

I often get compliments of how well behaved he is, when we are out and about.

This can be you too.

I can deal with common teen behaviours such as

  • jumping up
  • ignoring you
  • Possessive with food and non- food items (Resource guarding)
  • chewing/biting/mouthing
  • Reactivity
  • Noise phobia such as fireworks
  • pulling on lead
  • unreliable recall
  • biting lead on walks
  • running off to other dogs and people

Help is at hand with your teenage pet gundog.

Choose one of my 5 tailored teenage packages for more specific problems. These packages are designed to make sure you are completely supported throughout this tricky teenage stage.

Packages start from £180

Basic Teen Package

Teenage Pet Gundog Diagnostic test & one Follow up session

Step by Step guidance

Best for single problems

Unlimited email support

Reliable Recall package – Transforms your teen that ‘goes deaf in the park’ to a gundog that comes back first time when called that you are proud to take to the park.

Teenage Pet Gundog Diagnostic Test & 2 sessions

Step by Step guidance

Unlimited email support

Lead pulling package– where I transform your teen that ‘pulls like a train’ on a lead to a gundog that walks calm on nice loose lead.

Teenage Pet Gundog Diagnostic test & 2 Sessions

Step by step guidance

Unlimited email support

Rescue your dog’s recall Ultimate Package – Transforms your teen that ‘goes deaf in the park’ to a gundog that comes back first time when called that you are proud to take to the park.

This package includes my 4 week ‘Rescue your dog’s recall’ course. You will discover why your dog’s recall is hit and miss, how to recall your dog successfully away from other dogs and people and how to reliably teach your dog whistle training.

Teenage Pet Gundog Diagnostic test & 2 sessions

Step by step guidance

Unlimited email support

Ultimate Teen Troublemaker package – focuses on the typical teen problems as stated as above. Transform your troublemaker Teen to a calm and confident Pet gundog.

Teenage Pet Gundog Diagnostic test & 4 sessions

Step by step guidance

Unlimited email support

Best for Multiple problems

Deluxe Teen package – same as the Ultimate teen troublemaker package. Perfect for dog owners with busy lifestyles.

Teenage Pet Gundog Diagnostic test & 7 sessions & 2 Done for you sessions

Done for you session – this is training done without you. This is ideal for dog owners who have busy lifestyles and have limited time to train their dog. I can even train your dog while you are at work.

Step by step guidance

Unlimited email support

Best for multiple problems

After you have booked a package, you will be able to book additional sessions (maintenance sessions) when you need too, so you can keep up with your training and be fully supported.

If you live locally to Croydon or Beckenham. I can meet in person or if you live further away, then I can offer a video consult via Zoom.

Here’s what Mark thought of my service;

I was extremely stressed taking Rufus out for a walk on a long lead as he would pull, get himself tied up round trees, people, other dogs etc and it was exhausting. I really needed a solution to his recall to allow him to come off the long lead.
It was great! You clearly know your topic and you provided some good advice to help solve the issues with Rufus. You’re also friendly and approachable which helps with communication and you’re able to teach me techniques by explaining them in a simple yet effective way.
By our 2nd session Rufus was already responding to recall and not charging off to explore a smell at the other end of the dog park as often as he used to. With the techniques you’ve taught me, I have been able to keep Rufus close by off-lead with him looking back to see where I am which he never used to do. He is slowly learning that I am his focus but will take time for it to be engrained.
Much happier! To get a reaction from Rufus like I did on the 2nd session was a huge relief. I was doubting it was possible to get him interested in anything other than smells, foxes, squirrels etc but he is showing signs of improvement which ultimately makes our bond stronger.
To see such quick results is a compliment to your training techniques so I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Harriet to a friend’
– Mark Rufus’s dad

If you are struggling like Mark did with Rufus and desperate for some help, then you need to book using the links above.

If you would like to know more, then book a FREE 15 minute discovery call with me

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Let’s solve your problem together!

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