Gundog training

Do you have a pet gundog or gundog crossbreed?

Does your pet gundog have a strong desire to chase, run off or steal things?

Do you wish you could give your pet gundog an outlet for their natural instincts?

Let’s face it, if you don’t, they will eventually (or have already) find their own ways to use their natural behaviour. which may not be to your liking, such as running off to chase birds or stealing socks.

Why not give your dog an opportunity to channel into their natural instincts and develop a stronger bond with them all at the same time.

As a result, your gundog will want to spend more time with you and also no more unwanted sock stealing – sound good?

Gundog training for pet dogs is all about teaching your dog retrieving skills and good behaviours, just like they would learn if there were working as a gundog out in the field.

Any breed of dog with a passion for retrieving can participate in gundog training.

I don’t use guns or use birds instead I use canvas dummies or anything else you want your dog to retrieve.

Dogs are much happier, when they are doing a ‘job’, doing what they are bred to do.

What will your dog learn in Pet Gundog training;

  • How to retrieve – fetch something, bring it back and deliver it to your hand
  • work off lead alongside you despite distractions maintaining focus
  • Whistle work – recall, stop and hunt
  • Heel work
  • listen to you, even on the hunt

The benefits of gundog training;

  • better relationship you will develop with your dog
  • More fun with your dog.
  • give your dog an outlet for his or her natural behaviour
  • less boredom and destructive behaviours
  • well mannered dog
  • happy and fulfilled dog
  • builds confidence in both owner and dogs.

I can guarantee once you get started you won’t want to stop. That was me all those years ago. It has done wonders for my Finn. It’s highly addictive, rewarding and 100% fun.

I want owners to learn gundog training in a non- snobbish environment. I am not what you would probably expect from a gundog trainer.

Are you ready to start your gundog training journey?

Why not book a Gundog 1-2-1 training package with me, you will receive 2 sessions, unlimited email support and welcome pack.

I do plan to offer gundog classes or workshops in the future. If interested or have any questions please fill out a the contact form below.