Training Classes

Are you strong enough to walk your puppy?

Has your cute bundle of fluff turned into a teenage troublemaker who ignores and embarrasses you?

Are you worried your dog will run off and never come back?

I might be short, 5 ft.3 inches to be exact.

I haven’t met a dog that I couldn’t control using my ‘tame your teen‘ formula.

You will discover this by coming to my ‘Tame your Teenage Troublemaker‘ programme at Wickham Halls, Sussex Road, BR4 0JX

Problem puppy to tame teenager in 6 weeks.

The problem will not get better on it’s own, if anything it will get worse.

You will learn;

  • How to achieve successful loose lead walking
  • How to get reliable recall
  • How to stop your teen from jumping up
  • The five practical essentials your dog needs to know
  • The secret to getting your dog to do exactly what you want.

By the end of the 6 weeks, you will have a well mannered member of the family who you are proud to take to the park and you will be able to go on enjoyable walks feeling in control and confident.

My exclusive programme has 5 places so I can give everyone the tailored help that they need.

All breeds are welcome.

Owners will receive weekly homework handouts and a certificate of achievement at the end.

Frustrated owners will get the opportunity to meet and learn with other owners who are also at their wits end.

Price: £149

I will be running classes again in the summer of 2022. If you want to be added to the waiting list, then fill in the form below. You will get exclusive notification as soon as I release the start date.

If your dog pulls on a lead, why not come to my lead pulling masterclass.

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Do you dream of letting your dog off lead with no stress? – then you need to come to my recall masterclass

To see if the programme is right for you, then book a free 15 minute discovery call with me.


‘I struggled with Lead pulling, recall and keeping Mouse’s attention when he gets excited. You are easy to speak with and have a great knowledge and understanding of different types of a dog’s behaviours (one shoe doesn’t fit all). You have shown me the various ways of working with my dog and how to support his needs. Control of the lead and the pulling has improved so walkies is fun. Learning simple commands and using them consistently does work. Your tips on how best to react and interact with the other dogs at the park. The leg game and 3 second rule is a gamechanger. There’s always a friendly welcome at the classes Mouse is responding to me more and more every day and that makes me feel confident especially whilst walking in the park. I would definitely recommend you. “Tame your Teenage Troublemaker Programme” have helped me and my family so much more than I imagined. The guidance and support you provide equals great results. Mouse is a happy content teenager without the tantrums, just a bit of a clown from time to time. 🙂 I look forward to outdoor classes in the future. Please keep us informed. Thank You Harriet X’ – Lindsey and Mouse

We were struggling with recall and although we are a long way from sorted, there is a distinct improvement, now that we have a method and we are all singing from the same song sheet. We found you very informative and easy to speak to. We liked being able to ask you questions. We feel more confident that we have the tools to further Monty’s training. Yes I would recommend you. Harriet, I think that you are a fantastic dog trainer and really know your stuff. It must be very hard to start a course with half a dozen new people and dogs, but have the confidence in yourself to demonstrate with people’s dogs. We thoroughly enjoyed the 5 weeks and were gutted we couldn’t make the last one.  We will be booking a 121 for long lead recall work in the near future.   Thank you and best of luck’ Debbie & Monty

This is what the Pawtastic parents have to say about my Teenage Gundog Training

Harriet is a great trainer, very friendly and professional. Loki (our springer) is grateful for all the help– Su and Omer Kidar

Harriet Goodall is a true dog lover and great trainer. I highly recommend her and her service. Her advice has been so helpful with our puppy’ – Brian Leiser and Lola