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5 ways a walk can help dogs and their owners

It’s National Walk Your Dog Day on Saturday 22nd February 2020. The Kennel Club recommends dogs are walked for at least 30 minutes per day.
Worryingly, only half of dog owners walk their dogs every day and 51 per cent of dogs are overweight according to the Pet Food Manufacturing Association.

Some of the reasons that owners gave for not going out include; 28 per cent said they don’t have enough time. 15 per cent of owners said they were tired after work, 20 per cent of owners said they don’t want to get wet and 4 per cent didn’t want to get dirty or muddy.

Judging by the crap weather that we have been having lately. I don’t blame them, but if dogs are not getting walked enough, this could lead to dogs getting bored. Unfortunately, that favourite pair of slippers you like, may need to go to slipper heaven.

If dog are not getting enough exercise, they are full of energy, which leads to unwanted behaviour like jumping up, biting, pulling on a lead, chewing and barking.

Some owners even rehome their dogs because of these unwanted behaviours. Most of the time, a bit more exercise could improve the problem.

If owners can’t be bothered to go out in the rain, then they probably shouldn’t owe a dog.

There is another reason why people don’t walk their dogs. It is the fear of other dogs attacking their dog, unfortunately this happened to my dog Finn during the week.

I was throwing a ball for Finn in the park, when a Staffie shaped Piranha, come out of nowhere and started snapping at his feet.

Surprise, surprise there was no owner. He didnt arrive until later.

My first thought was to get away and put Finn on a lead.

Thankfully, no harm was done but dog bites can show up later so be aware.

I felt powerless, I couldn’t stop the dog and I couldnt get away from it.

When the owner did turn up, I wanted to knock his block off to be honest because the thought of Finn being hurt made me so angry.

It could change Finn’s behaviour for the worse and it has certainly made me on edge at the park and not enjoying our normal walks.

Why should a fellow dog owner make me feel like that because he can’t be bothered to control his dog. This is unfair for me and for Finn. He is well behaved and shouldn’t lose out because of a selfish dickhead.

I am sure you have had a similar experience. Be safe and don’t let them stop enjoying your dog.

Get out there, spring will be here soon.
Here are five ways a walk can help dogs and their owners.

  1. Help you have the feel good factor – being bored with make your dog miserable and more likely have unwanted behaviour.
  2. Reduces stress – if you’ve had a bad day going out with your dog helps you unwind.
  3. Ditch the phone and spend time with your dog, this strengthens your bond.
  4. Get your daily exercise – the NHS recommends 150 minutes of activity per week – so a 30 minute walk a day.
  5. Avoid obesity for pets and humans. 

If you are struggling to walk your dog for whatever reason.

Are you a busy pet gundog owner who is struggling to find the time to train your dog?

Is your dog pulling on lead like a train or is he not coming back when called first time?

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I’m off to put a lead on it

Harriet x