5 reasons why cat sitters are better than catteries

You decide it is about time, you got out your suitcase to unpack for your upcoming holiday.

Your cat notices and shouts out ‘they are off, let’s have a party and starts wiggling his cat hips and phones up Scat cat’s band.

Well maybe not.

I have obviously been watching too much of the Disney film ‘The Aristocats’.

I bet you are now secretly singing ‘Everybody wants to be a Cat’ to yourself dear reader.

Then you get the cat basket out and he thinks ‘oh crap, I’m off to the bloody cattery again’.

Well, it doesn’t have to be like that.

There’s of course an alternative.

Why not, find a cat sitter.

I will share with you, the 5 reasons why cat sitters are better than catteries;

1) Cat visits are good for nervous and older cats

Placing cats in catteries can cause unnecessary stress.

More so for older and nervous cats.

When I was working as a veterinary nurse, there were many owners taking their cat to the vet after being on holiday.

When the owners got back, they found their cats were not being themselves or having trouble going to the toilet.

This was sometimes due to the cats being stressed out.

Having a cat sitter helps make the cat feel safe in his own environment.

This is one of the reasons, why I offer cat visits.

I wanted cats to feel happy and safe when  their owners are away.

2) Cats like routine.

Most cats thrive on routine. Putting your cat into cattery will certainly disrupt her or his routine.

I try to keep to the times, the owner normally feeds them.

3) Cats are territorial

The smell of another cats might stress your cat out.

Cats will even mark their space, by going to the toilet where another cat has left his scent.

Cat sitting allows your pet to stay in familiar surroundings.

4) Cats like freedom

Cats are very independent creatures.

They like to do what they want.

Most cats enjoy going outside, catching mice, birds and doing cat things

Being in a cattery, your cat will likely be confined to a large pen and will be unable to do whatever he wants.

5) Cats need one to one attention            

Most cats love cuddles on the sofa.

Catteries are busy, which means your cat might not get the time and attention that your pussy deserves.

I always make sure I provide love and affection on each visit.

This is reason, why I offer 3 cat packages, bronze, silver and gold.

The gold package offers more playtime and company.

Perfect for those lap cats.

If you would like to find out more about my felinetastic feeds, then book a FREE 15 minute discovery call with me.

Meow for now

Harriet x