Does the sight of another dog, person, bird or squirrel, make your dog disappear?

Are you worried your dog will run off and never come back?

Do you dream of letting your dog off with no stress?

You are in the right place.

I can help in many different ways.

If you would like your dog to come back to you like a Boomerang and you enjoy learning with other frustrated owners who are having the same problems as you, then my ‘Tame your teenage troublemaker‘ 4 week class might be for you.

If you prefer more tailored help and want to achieve quicker results. My 1-2-1 training packages would be right for you.

My most popular recall package is Reliable recall 3 session package, this transforms your teen that ‘goes deaf in the park’ to a gundog that comes back first time when called that you are proud to take to the park.

If you want more help, then Rescue your dog’s recall ultimate package is for you, this includes 3 sessions and my 4 week Rescue your dog’s recall course. You will discover why your dog’s recall is hit and miss, how to recall your dog successfully away from other dogs and people and how to teach your dog whistle training.

What the Pawtastic parents have to say about my recall training

We contacted Harriet after lockdown and an injury had left us with a 8 month old staffy with zero recall and trust issues with other animals. Harriet was really personable and I felt relaxed straight away.  She was highly knowledgeable, and gave us the tools we needed over a few meetings to make Zeus a better dog.  She also made us realise this was going to take work and time. Great background with dogs and training, friendly and keeps in contact, also offers additional online training. After around a year of training, we can see progress.  Yes it was tough keeping up the consistency but now it’s paying off.  I’ve been very proud of Zeus lately, it’s great not constantly apologizing for his behaviour. Definitely would recommend you – Jenily Zeus’s mum

Harriet is great – very skilled and knowledgable – and also very understanding – able to tailor her advice to my circumstances and help massively with our puppy’s recall – highly recommended”    Stephanie Daley and Nancy

I was extremely stressed taking Rufus out for a walk on a long lead as he would pull, get himself tied up round trees, people, other dogs etc and it was exhausting. I really needed a solution to his recall to allow him to come off the long lead. It was great! You clearly know your topic and you provided some good advice to help solve the issues with Rufus. You’re also friendly and approachable which helps with communication and you’re able to teach me techniques by explaining them in a simple yet effective way. By our 2nd session Rufus was already responding to recall and not charging off to explore a smell at the other end of the dog park as often as he used to. With the techniques you’ve taught me, I have been able to keep Rufus close by off-lead with him looking back to see where I am which he never used to do. He is slowly learning that I am his focus but will take time for it to be engrained. Much happier! To get a reaction from Rufus like I did on the 2nd session was a huge relief. I was doubting it was possible to get him interested in anything other than smells, foxes, squirrels etc but he is showing signs of improvement which ultimately makes our bond stronger. To see such quick results is a compliment to your training techniques so I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Harriet to a friend” – Mark and Rufus

Still not sure, what would suit you, then book a free 15 minute discovery call with me.