Puppy Academy

Are you worried about leaving your gundog puppy when you have to  go to work?

I have the perfect service for you! 

I can visit your puppy  (I can do as many visits as needed) from £25 per visit.

Your puppy will get a mix of play, training, grooming and environmental session. This is where I take your puppy to anywhere that is busy e.g shopping centre, bus station, vets (weighing).

These are things that puppy owners need help with but do not have time to do themselves. 

‘Harriet has been providing puppy care twice a day to Rocket since he was 14 weeks old. Her service provides us with the comfort we need to go to work knowing he is in good hands and has age appropriate care in place. He adores Harriet and looks forward to her visits / walks / training sessions. Harriet has also been on hand to provide advice and is super flexible and has often stepped in at short notice. We couldn’t be happier’ – Helen (Rocket’s mum)

Ready for my Puppy Academy?

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