Online training Programmes

Does your pet gundog ignore you in the park and refuse to come back to you? Does your gundog pull like a train on lead? Does your pet gundog act like a live wire? Do you wish you could have a much calmer gundog ?

Then my ‘chaos to calm pet gundog’ system is for you.

I use this system when helping pet gundog owners to help solve unwanted behaviours such as unreliable recall , pulling on a lead, attention seeking and separation anxiety.

Because of current lockdown rules, it is very difficult to visit your home for a one to one consult. However, there is always help at hand.

I provide an exclusive ‘Chaos to calm pet gundog’ package where I use video consultation via zoom with you, full assessment report, training and ongoing support.

It is much better to seek help now, rather then let the problem get worse.

Step one – book 15 minute FREE discovery call ( click below) briefly find out what problems you have having. Book a video consult at convenient time/day.

Step two – I will sent you confirmation of video consultation and the link.

Step three – On the video consultation, I will look at the whole problem and create a practical plan with you to solve the unwanted behaviour.

Step four – I will sent you the recording of consultation.

Step five – Further training, follow up consult and ongoing support

I will transform your hate- to-be home alone gundog to a contented pet gundog that’s happy to be left alone.

  • weekly Q and A
  • 2 presentations
  • Access for life
  • exclusive emails
  • Roadmap for success
  • exclusive facebook group

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