Lead pulling

Have your dog walks become a daily drag?

Do you feel frustrated, embarrassed and out of control when walking your dog?

Have you tried every lead, collar and harness but you’re walks are no better?

Are you worried your dog might pull you over if you don’t fix this worsening pulling problem?

I can help in many different ways.

Lead pulling is one of the things I cover in my ‘Tame your teenage troublemaker’ classes. Group classes may be suitable for you and your dog, if you enjoy learning with other frustrated owners who are having the same problems as you.

If you prefer more tailored help and want to achieve quicker results. My 1-2-1 training packages would be ideal for you.

The most popular package is my Lead Pulling 3 session package. This is where I transform your teen that ‘pulls like a train’ on a lead to a gundog that walks on calm nice loose lead.

Benefits of working with the ‘Teenage Gundog Tamer’

  • Highly Knowledgeable – Over the years, I have helped many frustrated gundog owners like yourself.
  • Friendly support every step of the way
  • Invaluable reassurance
  • Giving dog owners confidence
  • Calmer approach to challenges
  • Helping owners have better relationship with their dogs.
  • learning to have more fun with your dog
  • Simple and convenient booking system
  • Training that fits into your lifestyle


Recall and lead pulling – the tips we’d learned in a previous puppy class weren’t working for us or our dog.
Working with you was an invaluable reassurance and reset – that we weren’t doing things ‘wrong’ but there were other ways to go about it – Calm, Better confidence as dog owners, Calmer approach to challenges, Having fun with our dog
A lot more calm with our pup and more confident to tackle challenges – that there aren’t any quick fixes. Yes, I would recommend you- I think it’s so important to find a trainer to suit you and your dog – and not every trainer will work for everyone. Thank you for your help! It really put us on the right track’.
Kara, Nick and Eddi

‘Pulling on lead and Stanley running off to see other dogs. Working with you was enjoyable, confidence building and knowing that I have common problems that other owners also experience. Teaching me some new skills to develop a better bond with Stanley. I am on a journey but feel more relaxed about where it might end up and actually Stanley doesn’t have to be perfect. I would recommend you for helping with common challenges and training. Thanks for all your help Harriet!’Pam and Stanley

Harriet came and observed the dogs. She asked questions and then suggested reasons for the various behaviours they were exhibiting. She accompanied me on a walk with both dogs, in turn and taught how to stop their pulling. They reacted immediately.  We have 2 more sessions booked; and after the first we got a written plan” Louise, Max and Scout Charlesworth

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