Lead pulling masterclass

Have you dog walks become a daily drag?

Has your growing puppy turned into a painful puller?

Do you feel out of control, nervous and embarrassed when walking your dog?

Are you worried your dog might pull you over if you don’t fix this worsening pulling problem?

I might be short. I’m 5ft3 inches to be exact, but I haven’t met a dog I couldn’t easily walk using my ‘stop your teen pulling’ formula.

I used to hate walking my own dog Finn. Every walk was a constant battle until I discovered how to get him focused on ME, instead of pulling to every lamppost.

I started to have enjoyable walks again and I can help you do the same thing at my ‘Tame your teenage dog’s pulling‘ 4 week masterclass.

You will discover;

  • What walking equipment that will actually help you and your dog.
  • Lead walking is boring so I will give you fun games for improving focus.
  • How to became confident when out and about
  • How to successfully transform your painfully pulling puppy to perfect pooch.

By the end of the 4 weeks, you will have a dog that walks nicely on a lead that you will be able to go out on enjoyable walks feeling in control and confident.

Unfortunately your dog’s dangerous pulling won’t get better on his own, why not get the help you need to start enjoying stress free walks again.

Spaces are limited – no more than 4 so I can give everyone the tailored help they need.

Price: £129

Unfortunately, I am not running my lead pulling masterclass at the moment but if you still need help, why not apply for my signature ‘Tame your teenage troublemaker’ training class.

My classes are very popular so you will need to fill out an application form below to apply for a space. If you and your dog are successful, then I will send you the booking link.


We were struggling with lead pulling.
Harriet was so easy to work with and very approachable. Good discussions. Homework to practice and going out to the high street to practice. Feel we are definitely moving in the right direction. Yes would definitely recommend you. As discussed it might be a good idea to make the course 4 weeks. Please email me any other courses you may run in the future’
Lola’s owners

It’s been so good and very informative. I feel that us and Watson are improving. Your help has been great. Thanks so much for all your advice and help”Alison, Luke and Watson

Harriet came and observed the dogs. She asked questions and then suggested reasons for the various behaviours they were exhibiting. She accompanied me on a walk with both dogs, in turn and taught how to stop their pulling. They reacted immediately.  We have 2 more sessions booked; and after the first we got a written plan” Louise, Max and Scout Charlesworth