Jumping up

Are you worried that your teenage dog will jump up and knock over a child?

Do your friends and family dread coming to visit you as they are getting fed up of being jumped all over?

When you have a teenage dog that jumps up constantly, it can be very embarrassing and annoying. Often, dogs mean no harm and it is their way of greeting us.

Once, teenage dogs get into the habit of jumping up it can be very difficult to break this habit, but not impossible. I can show you how by coming to my training classes where I teach ‘4 paws on the floor’ game. This will stop even the persistent of jumpers.

If you prefer more tailored help and want to achieve quicker results. My 1-2-1 training packages are ideal for you. Packages range from a basic teen package which has 2 session to 5 session package which would be suitable for other unwanted behaviours that you would like me to fix.

What the Pawtastic parents have to say

Lucky has come on leaps and bounds since our 1st meeting & looking forward to our next 2 already booked. Professional, friendly & great service.” – Stephen Massey and Lucky

“Harriet Goodall is a true dog lover and great trainer. I highly recommend her and her service. Her advice has been so helpful with our puppy” – Brian Leiser and Lola

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