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The 5 reasons why you should give your pet gundog a job

It’s National Bring your dog to work day on 26th June 2020. This is where bosses allow their staff to bring their dogs to work with the intention of making the workplace a more relaxed, productive and enjoyable place.

Therefore, on Friday please prepare yourself to see dogs sitting on office chairs and workplace receptions desks. Probably see a few’ dog at work selfies’ as well. I am sure it’s a thing or at least come Friday it will be.

For those of you, that can’t go to work yet or still working at home then you won’t be able to show off your gundog at work. I know sad face!

So today dear reader, I am suggesting that you ‘give your pet gundog a job’ instead.

No I haven’t gone nuts.

Every member of the household has a job, why can’t your gundog.

I run a Pawtastic Gundog Adventures, Scarlett goes to school, bath’s and puts her princess dolls to bed.

Finn my dog, retrieves his Frisbee and occasionally some gundog dummies.

Dog trainers, myself included, often tell clients that their dogs need a job to do. I recommend this often, especially with highly energetic  gundogs. They were bred for retrieving birds, but  these days, they  are often household companions without their intended jobs to do. So, we need to find other ways to burn off this physical and mental energy.

By giving your dog a job to do, does not mean sending him out to do those things he was originally bred to do necessarily or asking him to carry around a gun – just joking.

Though, if you can find other creative ways to bring out these natural instincts, it will definitely work in your favour.

Giving your dog a job simply means that you are asking him or her to do something for you in order to earn things of value, such as meals, treats, walks, playing fetch, or whatever it is that your dog enjoys and wants. This is your dog’s version of payment for working.

You wouldn’t work for free neither should your dog. Most dogs are much happier having a job to do so they can earn payment.

The 5 reasons why you should get your gundog off the dole;

1) it encourages the natural instinct of a gundog.  This is normally searching and retrieving. In the past, Finn my dog has struggled to retrieve to my hand.

It is Sunday tradition in our house, to have egg and soldiers for lunch.  Once, my daughter dropped a whole egg shell on the floor. Finn went underneath the table to pick up the eggshell in his mouth and give it to me by hand. I was proud as pinch.

2) it provides both physical and mental exercise.

3) if you provide what it needs, less likely to be bored and have destructive behaviour such as chewing your favourite slippers.

4) You can teach gundogs to retrieve anything, such as slippers, socks, keys and phones. You never know when you could be in situation where this type of training would come in handy. For example, you could have collapsed and need to call for help. You could have your very own assistance dog without knowing.

5) A better relationship with your dog. Anything that requires you to throw his favourite toy will improve your bond. A dog that wants to be around you is a much happier and well behaved dog.

Give your gundog a job today or if you don’t have the time. Pet gundog owners are busy.

Then why not take your gundog off the dole and send him on my ‘give a gundog a job’ adventure.

Spaces are filling up fast so you need to move quick. Your dog will receive all the benefits above and more.

If you would like to know more then book a FREE 15 minute discovery call with me.

Stay safe and happy retrieving

Harriet – The gundog lady x