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New year, New me

Well it’s almost time for all that, New Year New me crap.

People always say that, but the only thing that actually changes is the year.

At this time, people often look for a career change.

I have done this many times before I started the business.

Former legal eagle, Former veterinary nurse, you get the idea.

I wasn’t happy so I changed it.

I thought I would share with you, the reason why I started Pawtastic.

Now you may be thinking it’s because I love animals.

Well, yes I do very much but there’s more…..

It’s actually because after I had my daughter, Scarlett in November 2013. At the time, I fell pregnant and I was training to be a veterinary nurse and I realised I didn’t want to go back.

I didn’t want to work 45-50 hours then study at college one day a week and bring up a baby.

As you may know, when you have children your priorities change. It wasn’t all about me anymore.

 I wanted to be a hands on mum so when Scarlett was 6 months old. I bravely started the business.

I have always wanted to be a business owner, be independent and make my own money while doing something that I loved.

Everything I do is for my daughter. I hope one day, she will be proud of me.

My mission is to take the stress and worry away from pet owners while they are on holiday or at work. Not every dog is suitable for a group walk, some gundogs get intimidated by other dogs and these dogs would not cope well in a group walk. They would lose their confidence. The aim of my solo adventures is to put the confidence back into nervous and anxious dogs.

You would be surprised to know that I was once a paralegal, it was my first proper job offer finishing my law degree. I got to dress smart which is very different to the dog hair and mud I seem to wear everyday but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I am firm believer, if you are not happy with something, then only you can change it.

If there is something that you would like your dog not to do like stop ignoring you at the park and come when called first time.

Then message or email me on and I will send you my Reliable Recall Roadmap tip sheet.

Happy New Year!

I’m off to put a lead on it in 2020.

Harriet x

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